Christ Church is called to raise up spiritually vital children, youth, and adults that love God with their whole being, whose livesand relationships reflect Christ’s character, and who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Great Commission. Our Purposes are Vital Signsdefined by our 7 -G’s of Vitality There are vital signs that help us determine one’s health.

If your resting heart rate is 50-70 beats per minute, your blood pressure is near 120/80,  pulse of 50-80 and respirations are 16-20 breathes per minute with temperature of 98.6 degrees and cholesterol  under 200, then you can be reasonably sure your physical body is in good  health.

Everyone accepts that there are physical vital signs, but are there spiritual vital signs? Are there indicators that help us to determine our spiritual health?

We believe there are spiritual vital signs and the 7-G’s of Spiritual Vitality describe them.  These 7 G’s will relate to you personally and to the church corporately.  You see if the church is made up of vital, healthy Christians, it will be a vital, healthy church.  A conversation about church vitality must start with our own personal spiritual vitality.

The 7 – G’s of Spiritual Vitality…describe a totally devoted follower of Jesus Christ as well as what our church is all about, i.e. our purposes: GRACE…One comes to life when one experiences the grace of God and then they begin the journey of being a Christ follower. When one comes to trust Christ with their life the Holy Spirit takes up residency in them invigorates them to share the grace of God with others. (Salvation and Evangelism).

GROWING…Christ followers know an experience of grace is just the beginning.  They continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Their goal is to become more and more like Jesus Christ so they’re committed to prayer, studying God’s Word and applying biblical principles to their lives. (Discipleship)

GROUP…A growing Christian knows the value of close relationships and community.  They want to be supported and encouraged and also want to support and encourage, so they intentionally connect with other Christians. They meet together in small groups to encourage and support one another, to grow and serve together.

(Community) GIFTS…Christ followers recognize that God has given them spiritual gifts so they want to discover, develop, and use their spiritual gifts to serve the body of Christ. They recognize that all parts of the body are needed and complement one another.

(Ministry) GIVING…Christ followers are a generous people who recognize that God has greatly blessed them and they want to be good stewards of all their time and treasures for God’s redemptive purposes. They submit all they have to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

(Stewardship) GLORY…Christ followers desire to give praise, honor, and glory to the One who is worthy.  They do so personally by how they live their lives, corporately by coming together in worship through prayer, (showing that dependence of God), in praise (showing their joy and gratitude to God) and proclamation (proclaiming who God is and what all he has done).

(Worship) GOING…Christ followers don’t just know Christ, they make Christ known by “going into the all world to make disciples of Jesus Christ.” They share God’s love in both word and deed.

(Mission) When our vital signs are not good, don’t we look at what can we do to improve them? We at Christ Church want to help you to determine your own spiritual vitality and we’ll do our best to provide some helpful ideas if you find yourself lacking spiritual vitality (ie. lack of spiritual fruit) so you might become spiritually healthy.

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