Prayer Walk 2014

img_10582014 – Prayer Walking – The Jericho Challenge

We started prayer walking this year with the Jericho Challenge in May. This was a joint venture with St Paul’s UMC to join in prayer for our community of Youngwood. Each person would choose an area to pray for the community for 7 weeks including Schools * Community Groups* Families* Business* Churches* People in Need* Neighbors*.

Every Tuesday we had a teaching from the book of Joshua and then we went out and prayed about what we learned. We started by learning about putting on the Full Armor of God when we go forth to pray in His name. We prayed at specific areas in Youngwood as a group – and claimed Youngwood as the “Promised Land” – the Lord’s territory. After the Jericho Project, we continued to pray on Tuesdays throughout the summer.

We ended the summer with a time to pray over the 5 Major Areas of Influence -* Commerce *Communication * Education *Government * Churches.

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