Prayer Walk 2015

2015 – Prayer Walking – Re-digging the Wells and a Time of Blessing

We met every week on Tuesdays during the summer of 2015. Using a map of Youngwood, we prayed over every street and over every house in Youngwood. We started in the south by the Park and Pool and made our way to the northern end of the city. We prayed for about 1 and ½ hours on every walk.

Throughout the summer, rains and water main breaks had water flowing through the streets as we walked. Genesis 26:18 was our scripture for the town – that the wells that had been dug in the past – and had been filled in by the enemy – would once again flow freely. We prayed that the Holy Spirit would once again be allowed to flow in full power through Youngwood. We prayed that the LIVING WATER would flow through our city – blessing everyone and everything in its path.

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