Prayer Walking



I will give you every place you set your foot….I will extend your territory. No one will stand against you….I will be with you, I will never leave or forsake you… Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit ( ALL God has for them). Joshua 1:3-6

*Prayer Walking is not about the walk, it is about praying in the very places where

we expect God to bring forth His answers. Prayer walking simply helps us to intentionally draw nearer to God in order to pray clearer for neighbors and community.

*While onsite the Holy Spirit will often give insight in how to pray, we listen to the Spirit speak and pray/ act accordingly.

*Prayers are neither personal nor devotional in nature… they are intercessory, focusing on the needs of others.

*Prayer Walking is low profile…most of the time we are simply on the scene without making a scene

* Prayer Walking can also include prophetic acts like driving a stake into the ground to claim an area, taking communion, or laying hands on a house f.or a specific need or repentance.

As we pray Kingdom –sized promises for others, we better grasp a Christ-focused hope for our community. Steps of obedience open the floodgates of heaven and bring forth blessing.

In 2013, Pastor Seth began to prayer walk through Youngwood. He began to ask how Christ UMC could be a presence and a witness to the community. He especially had a call to the Sherwood Circle area of town. He saw that Christ UMC was the “gate” into this area of our community and began to seek God of how we could be involved with our neighbors there. In the following years, prayer walking has continued with a small group of people who have faithfully and consistently walked through Youngwood every summer. Click on the links to learn more of what happened each summer.


Prayer Walking 2016

2016 – Prayer Walking – The Gates of Youngwood: This is the 4th year that we have intentionally having been praying over the city of Youngwood. At the beginning of summer God showed us to go to the four major roads that people enter and leave Youngwood, these are the four major gates. To take…

Prayer Walk 2015

2015 – Prayer Walking – Re-digging the Wells and a Time of Blessing We met every week on Tuesdays during the summer of 2015. Using a map of Youngwood, we prayed over every street and over every house in Youngwood. We started in the south by the Park and Pool and made our way to…

Prayer Walk 2014

2014 – Prayer Walking – The Jericho Challenge We started prayer walking this year with the Jericho Challenge in May. This was a joint venture with St Paul’s UMC to join in prayer for our community of Youngwood. Each person would choose an area to pray for the community for 7 weeks including – Schools…

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